What is Advocacy?


Advocacy is about making sure that a person has as much control as possible over their life.

Advocacy helps people understand information, say what they want and what they need.


Is Advocacy for Me?


Thurrock Advocacy Service is available to individuals aged 18 and over, specifically: 

  1. Individuals with Learning Difficulty 
  2. Individuals with Mental Health conditions 
  3. Individuals with Sensory Impairments 
  4. Individuals with Acquired brain injury 
  5. Individuals who have Substantial Difficulty understanding relevant information, remembering information, using information to help them be involved in making decisions or communicating their views, wishes and feelings 
  6. Individuals with Dementia 
  7. Individuals who would otherwise not be able to participate in decision making due to the effects of drugs and/or alcohol 
  8. Carers of people in all of the categories above

Download Our Leaflets here

  Thurrock Advocacy Service Information Leaflet:


Thurrock Advocacy Service Information Leaflet [Easy read] Format: